Top Food & Catering Trends 2019

The top food and catering trends for 2019 relate to being mindful of the food we use to fuel our bodies and sustaining our planet too.  In addition, simpler, pared down menus with comfort favorites top the list.

Plant Based Proteins

There is a movement to plant-based meats for the growing concern over livestock production, human health, climate change, natural resource depletion, and animal welfare. 60 percent of the US population say they want more protein in their diets.  14 percent of U.S. consumers, which translates to over 43 million consumers, regularly use plant-based alternatives such as almond milk, tofu, and veggie burgers, and 86 percent of these consumers do not consider themselves vegan or vegetarian.  One of the fastest growing consumer segments who eat plant-based foods are those who are all about the taste of foods.  Plant based proteins: almonds, lentils, edamame, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, buckwheat, tofu.

Imperfect Produce

Pretty produce isn’t always the best choice.  Sure it may look good on the surface but it’s possibly been artificially altered or enhanced to appeal to the shopper.  Organic fresh produce may be miscolored, blemished and not aesthetically appealing but its beauty is in its purity being sans pesticides and artificial enhancers.

Nutritional Notes on Menus

Ingredients are important and so is the nutritional value of items including the Protein, Fat, Carbohydrate, and Vitamin/Mineral Content. Consumers want to know what they are eating so menus are reflecting that knowledge.

Humble Eats

Simple recipes with fresh ingredients remain on trend.  Often called ‘Comfort Food’ they include items like Meatloaf, Turkey and Mashed Potatoes, Home Made Soups to name a few.  Comfort foods allow us to reminisce about the best times in our lives, the simple and the familiar.  The NYFC online menu offers a variety of humble and delicious eats!

Get Pickled

Fermented Foods — kombucha – a tonic or tea derived from fermented mushrooms, pickled cucumbers, beets, carrots, you name it…if it’s in vinegar, it’s pickled and delicious!  Fermented foods are known for their health benefits combating common colds and warding off diseases like arthritis and cancer.

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