NYFC’s Steps to Mitigating Spread of Coronavirus

To Our Valued Clients,

It has been suggested that next to healthcare, the most personal relationship between vendor and client is that created within the food service industry. The trust placed in our ability to provide a delicious, nutritious and safe dining experience is one that we have never taken for granted and one that we work hard to maintain.

As news on the impact from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout our communities, the NYFC team continues to have no higher priority than the health and safety of our clients. And, although our everyday cleaning and sanitizing protocols have kept us at the top of Los Angeles’ Health Departments scores for 41 years, during this time of heightened concern, we are reassessing and evolving our sanitization practices daily.

The calming news is that we continue to field inquiries and deliver orders as the majority of our clients move forward with resolute, yet cautious optimism. With that, we thought you might like to hear what we are doing to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 virus (and all bacteria for that matter).

  • Team members showing any signs of illness are required to stay home. We follow an “if in doubt, sit today out” policy.
  • All food prep surfaces are cleaned and sanitized continually throughout the day.
  • Repeated and excessive hand washing is nothing new to us, however we have recommitted our team to the CDC’s defined standards.
  • How your food is delivered should be a concern. The health department does not regulate how food is handled once it leaves a restaurant, commissary or even picked up to be delivered.  Here is why NYFC is different:
    • Food delivery isn’t something we “also” do – it is a part of “everything” we do.
      • Every meal we serve is consumed somewhere other than the facility where it was prepared and with 41 years’ experience; we are the specialist.  And it shows!
    • Completed foods are wrapped & sealed immediately upon completion for transport.
    • Service utensils, cutlery and plates are securely wrapped or sealed for transport.
    • NYFC maintains the largest all-refrigerated, privately owned catering fleet in the area.
      • Cold foods remain in refrigeration under 41 degrees up until they are delivered to your location.
      • Hot foods are transported in thermal units that keep it at proper serving temperature until delivered to your location.
    • No personal vehicles are ever used for NYFC deliveries.
      • Food items do not “ride up front” with a driver and delivery is never contracted out to a 3rd party or a ride-share company.
      • We maintain total control from prep to delivery.
    • Upon delivery, all items are unwrapped and set out by a NYFC team member.
      • Our delivery team is trained in food safety, wear gloves while handling food and service items, sanitize carts and contact surfaces in between use as well as our delivery vehicles upon each route’s conclusion.

In addition to our standard catering, NYFC now offers a variety of individually packaged and sealed selections. Please speak with one of our Customer Service representatives for more information. 310.643.6151.

NYFC employees have the tools and training to maximize safety efforts. And with the guidance of local and national government leaders and direction from the CDC, we will continue to update our knowledge and redouble our efforts, as appropriate.

New York Food Company remains confident in our team’s commitment to earn your trust and place your well-being as our top priority. We are open for business. We are well prepared. We look forward to serving you very soon!

Jim Wharton
Managing Partner
New York Food Company

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