Sandwich Catering & Salad Catering

Professional Service & Flawless Event Planning

New York Food Company offers delicious a sandwich catering and salad catering for your next family gathering, wedding or social event, corporate event or business meeting. We love catering sandwiches and catering salads. Our catering planners will be happy to come up with a variety of sandwich food ideas, salad food ideas, or customized menu selections. New York Food Company offers drop-off catering delivery as well as full-service catered events. We deliver to any location in the Los Angeles area, whether it be your own backyard, office building, or any private venue. Our elite team of sandwich caterers and event professionals can help you with any event – large or small – anywhere anytime.

Sandwich Menus

Sandwich & Salad CateringFrom baby showers to Super Bowl parties, corporate meetings to large conventions, whatever the occasion or location, New York Food Company can satisfy all of your favorite sandwich and salad cravings. Whether it’s classic deli-style sandwiches or our gourmet signature sandwich creations like our buffalo chicken, cobb turkey, and grilled portobello sandwiches, our culinary experts can create a variety of menu options to satisfy and impress your guests. Have your own sandwich masterpiece in mind? Our professional chefs will make your special creation for you and your guests.

Salad Menus

We also provide salads that are perfect for any occasion. Our culinary experts use fresh ingredients, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables, locally farmed and sourced. If you are planning a BBQ, picnic, wedding, celebration, or meeting, New York Food Company offers a wide selection of salads suitable for everyone’s taste. From sandwich party platters with sides like cold pasta salad or our famous red rose potato salad, to
gourmet creations such as kale kumara or couscous salad, and entree salads such as BBQ chicken or Caesar tortellini steak, New York Food Company can help you plan a salad menu that will impress all of your guests.

FoodTypes_SandwichSalad12Lunch Catering

We also offer options for guests with special dietary needs. Guests with gluten-free, kosher style, vegetarian, or vegan lifestyles can rest easy and enjoy the custom sandwich and salad selections prepared just for them.

If you’re planning a simple luncheon with catered sandwiches and salads, elaborate buffet, or corporate office meeting, our culinary experts artfully prepare gourmet cuisine with superior quality and made with fresh, local ingredients. With inspired design and careful attention to detail, our creative team of sandwich catering or salad catering service  planners and chefs will work together to make your event seamless, memorable, and oh so delicious!

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