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The finest cuisine artfully prepared and served at your event. If you are planning an event and want a private chef to prepare delicious dishes just for you at the venue of your choice – NYFC can do that! Celebrations large and small are what memories are made of. New York Food Company will help you create memorable events for any occasion! New York Food Company has been offering professional catering services to clients for more than three decades. We offer chefs catering services especially for hosts who want to give their guests a special unique experience.  Executive chef catering allows you and your guests to enjoy delectable food prepared right before you in the kitchen and then served to you at the table.

Chef's Catering

Why Choose Our Personal Chef Service?

Design Your Own Menu

We offer chef’s catering services to create your choice of delicacies for your special event. Dream up your creative and personalized event menu and our personal chef will take care of food preparation, cooking and presentation for you and your guests.

Food Restrictions

Sometimes your guests may have dietary restrictions because of health, religious beliefs, personal preferences, or any other factors. Our Chef’s cater to guests with all types of food restrictions including sugar, salt, gluten, vegan, vegetarian, kosher-style, halal, and most any specialty menu you may need. We will make sure that all your guests no matter what their dietary needs will be able to enjoy your event and experience delight from our fresh and delicious food!

Experience Our Professional Food Preparation and Presentation

Chef’s catering service will not just delight stomachs, we will also allow your eyes to feast on awesome presentations! Our personal chef knows how to make food look and taste good. We can bring a custom feast to your event at any Los Angeles or Southern California location, venue, or to your own dinner table!

Food Safety Guarantee

Rest assured that our food is handled and prepared using the strictest standards of food storage, preparation, and sanitation. Our personal chef catering service uses sanitized equipment and only the freshest ingredients. Our company’s top of the line catering delivery trucks are climate controlled to maintain the quality of food from our kitchen to your table. Make your special event an affair to remember with a unique, creative personal chef from New York Food Company. Contact us now to hire a personal chef and to experience the difference of executive chef catering!
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